Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dana Reserve

We ended Day 3 at the Dana Reserve. There were lots of trucks everywhere. It ended up that an American Group was filming a movie about a woman from Iran and this little village had a similar resemblance to hers. So go figure, the quaint little town in the middle of nowhere was actually very packed. The guest house (more kid friendly) was full and we stayed in the tower hotel (very back-packer friendly). It was an experience to say the least. Here is our room!

We began day 4 by hiking near the Dana village. This is a picture of the town in the background. It is very isolated and beautiful. They teach the local people about preserving nature.

This is a veiw from our room, and Mr. BedHead.

Some pictures on the edge of the town.

We started our hike along the side of the mountain. A more kid friendly hike, because it does not go down into the cannon--we would never have made it back up.

We ran into a bunch of local boys dipping their head in a creek. Probably bath time! They followed us for a little while, until I told Roberto they wanted a picture taken. After that they saw the picture and then ran off laughing.


katrina said...

dont you usually have to have a town to be on the edge of town? LOL!

Super Angie said...

Its great to see kids everyone enjoy looking at themselves on digital cameras!

I love backpacker hotels. :)