Sunday, October 28, 2007

October 27th--Jerash

Jerash has the BEST Roman Ruins outside Rome.

This is the stadium where we saw Roman Gladiators Fight. (Pictures down below!!)

This is the forum, streets, temples, and amphitheater.

Daniel is yelling hello in the holes on the ground to try and hear his echo.

Climbing up to the top--and then looking back at the newer part of the city of Jerash. They build right around the ruins it is pretty neat.

1st pic: Leylah is fascinated with Daniel --- 2nd pic: Leylah is annoyed with Daniel
It often goes like this all day long. And switches quite quickly. One minute completely happy with him and the next completely pissed off.

Here was the Roman Show!!! Daniel was crazy about it. He was a little nervous, but mostly excited. This is what kept him walking all day. The fact that he was going to see Romans fight and the Chariots ride. And he loved the pictures most.

This is the group and they showed us several positions that they fight in as a group to try and protect as many as possible. And then they showed us some fighting.

When they put on shows at the Arena the spectators would give a thumbs up to let them live and a thumbs sideways (symbolize a sword cutting head off) to kill them. I should have got a picture of Daniel's face when they explained this. He was horrified at the people around us doing sideways. He and I did thumbs up every time. As you see in the second to last picture--they kill the last guy and drag him off. Daniel's face cracked us up. He thought it was real and even after I explained I don't think he really believed until the guy came out at the end for photos.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

October 27th--Ajlun Castle

We are approaching Ajlun Castle!!

Here it is!! We are so excited!! We are going to explore, just like Jack and Annie

Leylah had a fun ride!!

Daniel was so excited about the cannon balls--They were just like his playmobil ones. He couldn't wait to show Will!!!
Scenes around the Castle!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Daniel's Update

We just love to see so many camels here. We only had to walk a few feet from the road to get close to this one. Daniel was a little nervous to get much closer than this. (Big shock I'm sure -- Maybe it was the sharp fern eating plants by its' feet, what do you think Kristin?)

This is Daniel being dropped off on his first day at school. They have a uniform, but it is a nice one. He is making great friends and they just found room for him on the bus. So the first month I took him to and from school all the way across town every day. About 10 minutes of my time round trip :) Now, whenever I ask him about school it is always who he sat by on the bus and what the kids did on the bus. It is the most exciting time of the day. He has been rinding for almost 1 week now.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Leylah's Update

Leylah in her new walker (not that she will be using her legs anytime soon).

Daddy taught her to blow bubbles and she is very excited to do it all the time and make herself very wet. OOOO AAh Spit -- this one if for you Liam. I think you would be very impressed with Leylah's new SPIT trick.

Leylah in her harness playing. Since her harness only allows her to kick to the side, she kicks one side out and then pulls the other side out trying to eat it. Whether she does it on purpose or accident we are not sure. But, it certainly entertains her for a few minutes.

She has become very flexible because of that harness. "Do you think she will be able to be a dancer Chloe??" She loves those toes. They are her new toy.

Leylah and Daniel chillin' together. Do you like her shirt Steen??

Leylah has too much fun and falls asleep anywhere, just like her brother. She slept through most of the British Red Arrow Airshow we went to today also. Hopefully she will keep this up and be just like her brother in this area. We don't need her to be like him in all ways though.

For those of you who know she has been in a harness to help her hip sockets for 6 weeks full time and 3 weeks just at night. The ultrasound wasn't as good as we wanted so she is back in it full time for 4 more weeks and then another ultrasound. Poor girl she was not happy today she has enjoyed her legs the last few weeks.