Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Azraq Wetlands (Oasis)

Last stop for the day is the desert oasis in Azraq. A natural lake in the middle of the desert. Different groups have been stealing the water over the last couple of decades and so not much is left compared to what use to be here, so now they are trying to save the wetlands. It was fun to walk throught the straw paths and then look at the animals at the end.

They give you binoculars to look for birds and other animals along the way.

These are the fun paths to wander on.

This is what the wetlands use to look like. Now almost nothing as you can see.

The look out house was fun for spotting animals.

That is enough for 1 day, time to head home.

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Super Angie said...

That kind of reminds me of the everglades in Florida with the little boardwalks to walk on etc. Very pretty.