Sunday, November 25, 2007

International Day at Daniel's School

Both KG2 Classes singing a song about the 12 major cities in Jordan.

This is most of the school and parents. They had great displays and most kids were dressed up for their countries.

Ella and Daniel. One of his new friends. She is from Denmark and is quickly learning English and Arabic. They sit next to each other on the bus almost everyday.

Some art they did for international day. The KG2's had the Country Jordan. So they made maps of the country, flags, and Jordan carpets.

This is the local karate class doing a demonstration. (I think because the Principal's kids go there--LOL)

This is the 4th graders who had Brazil. The soccer players walked around the kids in the middle doing the Macarana.

I think this class had New Zealand.

This class had Australia.

This class had Egypt.

Leylah enjoyed it as much as she does any other event. She slept through it--just like the airshow with the British Red Arrows and Jordan Falcons a couple weeks ago.

Daniel Outside with the 2 Neighbor Boys

Hisham, Nawaf, and Daniel (Before the fight breaks out!)

They Play Soccer !!

Until Nawaf decides to take down Daniel who is 2 years older, but physically about 5 years younger. He is a 3 year old bully. We thought we were getting away from it when we left Liam, but it only got worse.

Oh, Look, It was all about giving a little love!!!

Daniel didn't want the love apparently!!! Take that Nawaf.

But, oops, Nawaf is tougher than little Daniel. Where's Will when you need him????

Here comes Daniel on his new Spider man Bike!!

Daniel and Leylah During November

Leylah in her cute sweaters !
Here comes the KNIGHT !!!!

Daddy taught Leylah how to blow bubbles on his cheek--Here it goes!!!

This is fun!!
More Daddy, More !!

I love to sit as far forward as possible. So I lean way forward in my rocker. Good thing there are nobs on the end and it can't fall forward because I try awful hard to tip it.

Now I am 5 months old !!
That bath was nice. My toes are my biggest toys now!

Daniel's 5th Birthday

Happy Birthday Daniel !!!!

Blow out those Candles !!!

Yum, Yum, Yum !!!

Here come the Presents!!

Ninja Turtle Dress up !!

The Game: Guess Who and 12 Magic Tree House Books

20 JD from my Grammie and Pops ! Thanks!!

Michelangelo in Action !!!!