Sunday, December 23, 2007

Leylah Does the CRAB Walk

We have decided to contact Guinness to see if Leylah could possibly be the youngest Crab Walker EVER!! She has learned to become mobile even with her harness. If you can stand looking then go ahead and have a peek at our future Circus Freak.

Gotta stop and take a break--this is hard work Mom!!

Look How Far I Made It!!!! Boy that is hard work!!!


Super Angie said...

What a darling daughter you have there! She is so clever!

MOM said...

Heidi, I love to read about your adventure. I can relate to the dirty fruits and veg and the dirty container and the crazy driving. In Moscow you don't even take a test, just pay the money. Also the clothes drying looks familiar.
Isn't life fun.... YES
Love Barbara