Sunday, December 23, 2007

Camel Races-Wadi Rum

We started at the beginning with all the locals and drove along side the camels with the herd of all the other drivers. You can see all the 4-WD vehicles out in the desert right next to all the excitement. Mostly it looks like a pack of dust, but if you look closely you can actually see some camels (about 20 or more).

Here we are driving along with all the crazy's!
Daniel kept saying--there not being SAFE are they Mom. We have to talk about that almost every day.

There was big ditches out in the desert-so the cars kept cutting up to the road and back again.
At this point Daniel asked "Is this a camel-car race" and then we all laughed.
We have made it near the finish and are camped out for photos now!!
Wow that was crazy!!

Here come the 2 front runners--Neck and Neck!!

There they go--Almost made it. Just a few more strides!!

Right behind the first two comes the camera crew!!

As you can see--fully loaded. Everyone needs it on film--all the local news channels and everything. Got to be prepared for a photo finish.

Here comes the next little pack. One of my favorite group shots.
Here are some of our favorite riders. Notice that most of them are children because they weigh less and can hopefully go faster. They also do a lot of betting on these races--so very similar to the horse tracks back home--just camel tracks here.

Daniel thinks maybe this rider didn't hold on tight enough!
This one didn't quite know were the lane was--he gave them all a little scare!
We don't know what was up with this poor camel--Probably just some crazy locals.
The Ambulance is at the end--You know in case of any injures. It can be dangerous!
Here is the crowd at the finish waiting for the delivery of all the awards.


Super Angie said...

AWESOME! Looks dusty but tons of fun. Loved your commentary and Daniel's comments!

Jennalee said...

how totally fun! Happy new year!