Friday, October 19, 2007

Daniel's Update

We just love to see so many camels here. We only had to walk a few feet from the road to get close to this one. Daniel was a little nervous to get much closer than this. (Big shock I'm sure -- Maybe it was the sharp fern eating plants by its' feet, what do you think Kristin?)

This is Daniel being dropped off on his first day at school. They have a uniform, but it is a nice one. He is making great friends and they just found room for him on the bus. So the first month I took him to and from school all the way across town every day. About 10 minutes of my time round trip :) Now, whenever I ask him about school it is always who he sat by on the bus and what the kids did on the bus. It is the most exciting time of the day. He has been rinding for almost 1 week now.


Jen said...

Hello Daniel! Daniel H. says you're very lucky to have camels near you, and he wishes he could see them too. He's very glad that you seem to be having such a good time in your new home, but he's sad that he can't come for a playdate. Keep having fun!

Daniel H. & his mom.

Super Angie said...

Heidi, I am thrilled to death you have a blog and your photos are so darling. Glad Daniel is feeling comfortable there. :)

*HUGS* Miss you tons!