Saturday, October 27, 2007

October 27th--Ajlun Castle

We are approaching Ajlun Castle!!

Here it is!! We are so excited!! We are going to explore, just like Jack and Annie

Leylah had a fun ride!!

Daniel was so excited about the cannon balls--They were just like his playmobil ones. He couldn't wait to show Will!!!
Scenes around the Castle!!!


Jennalee said...

I'm glad you added me to the email list :) WOW, what an adventure! I'll check back to see more...does your sister have a blog? Emily finally got me doing it too...I'm jennalerd.blogspot if you want to see us...I don't update that often, but I'm getting better. You take care!

Super Angie said...

okay...waiting for an update and more photos. :)