Saturday, January 26, 2008

Karak Castle

Karak Castle is the biggest of all the Jordan Castles. It is way up on a hill and takes hours to walk through. I don't think we saw every little nook, but don't tell Daniel!!

Exploration shots all over the castle.

We have a flashlight now for our Castle Explorations and we like to use it when going around almost ever corner.

The city is in the background through the arches. A Great View!

Watch out for random holes in the ground. Most they have tried to make safe, but not all of them

Can you see the soldier statue next to Daniel?
This castle was full of tunnels and banquet halls.

This really was a grand castle. Most people only see one castle in Jordan and it is Karak. If they see two then the other one is Ajloun. And then we are one of the few to see more then that.

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Super Angie said...

These photos remind me of exploring Fort Casey out on Whidbey Island... gotta keep that flashlight close to ya at all time! :)