Sunday, November 25, 2007

Daniel Outside with the 2 Neighbor Boys

Hisham, Nawaf, and Daniel (Before the fight breaks out!)

They Play Soccer !!

Until Nawaf decides to take down Daniel who is 2 years older, but physically about 5 years younger. He is a 3 year old bully. We thought we were getting away from it when we left Liam, but it only got worse.

Oh, Look, It was all about giving a little love!!!

Daniel didn't want the love apparently!!! Take that Nawaf.

But, oops, Nawaf is tougher than little Daniel. Where's Will when you need him????

Here comes Daniel on his new Spider man Bike!!

1 comment:

Super Angie said...

Its great to see that kids all over the world will take each other down in a game of soccer! Must be a boy thing! :)